Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who's got the key?

Ever talk to a 4 year old and feel like you could have made more headway with a coffee table?  Yeah, me too.

The other night, I took the girls to a playground to burn off some energy with friends.  Mini Me and her friend were playing in the castle structure and both were having their moments being "mean" to each other.  They were pretending to 'lock' the non-existent door.  This led to the one who was locked out to come running and complain that they weren't being let into the castle.

My friend and I stood there, amazed at how deeply these kids believed they couldn't get in.  Seriously?!?  There isn't even a door, much less a locked door.  If you want in....go in!  But, no. It would seem that if one were to attempt to enter through the 'locked door' there would be a giant rip in the time-space continuum or something.

Good thing I never leave home without my magic castle unlocking keys.

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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

i think that this sums up childhood! reality has so not taken magical xxx