Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disney Planning

Since there's not a whole lot I can do until the park hours are posted and our Advance Dining Reservation window opens up, I've been working on some other stuff to make the trip fun.

I ordered some goodies for the kids.  When we arrive, I'm going to have hubby distract the kids in the lobby while I secretly run to our room to set up a "welcome" from Mickey & the gang.

For Mini Me, I bought personalized princess ears, a personalized lanyard with a set of cupcake trading pins (I thought since it was a birthday celebration, the cupcakes would be fun!), and an autograph book.  I also bought her a special Tinkerbell February Birthday pin as a birthday present.  That one will not be a 'trade' pin.

For Sweet Pea, I bought personalized Minnie ears and an autograph book.  

I'll also be checking the dollar stores and dollar bins for random Disney stuff so that Tinkerbell can leave a little gift for each of them each day.

The other things on my agenda:  planning activities for the car ride, figuring out how we're going to reveal the surprise, and outfit planning.

I've also been "planting" the idea of going to Disney.  We've been watching a bit more Disney shows & movies, than the usual PBS stuff.  We've also talked about when hubby and I went to Disney, and showed her some pictures.  Mini Me has started to talk about wanting to go to Disney someday and Sweet Pea is loving Mickey & the gang now.  

Seriously, the planning (even though we aren't really do a whole lot of structure when we're there-other than meals & special experiences) is so much fun! 

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